Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Rain on My Party {Oneonta, AL Children's Photographer}

We had a fun farm location planned for this cutie's 1 year portraits.  We showed up to the area of the location it was raining, so the farm was out of the "picture." Luckily Mom and Dad know the area and we were able to drive away from the rain and get a good 15 minutes before the rain found us here.  I thought it was a special touch for Mom and Dad to have a family portrait made on top of this mountain that overlooks the place where they got married.  When the rain hit, I set up a portable studio in a picnic pavilion.  You've gotta love a red picnic table for posing a 1 year old,  ;) and there is no denying cuteness when the humidity hit those baby curls.  I happen to know that someone just had a super cute Dr. Seuss 1st birthday, and it did not rain on that party.  

It is fun to compare the newborn image to the 1 year image!



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Elizabeth Bailey is a photographer in the Northern Atlanta area, specializing in Newborn, Children, and Family portraits. She is available for studio and location sessions. E. Bailey Photography is available for a limited number of sessions in Birmingham, AL.

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